Group Ride Guidelines

These Group Ride Guidelines apply to all group rides, including both training and recreational rides. They were created by a committee of club group riders and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine and are endorsed by CCCP.

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Don’t be a Jerk
Being courteous and obeying traffic laws will set a good example for new group riders and will improve how the public views group rides and cyclists in general.

This is YOUR Group!
If you see a person behaving inappropriately, you have the right and responsibility to speak up and talk to that person. If we don’t police ourselves, the Police will.

Ride Smart
Be alert. Be aware of riders around you. Avoid overlapping wheels. Time-trial, triathlon, and fixed gear bikes are unsafe in group rides and should not be used. Riding with hands on aerobars is prohibited. Helmets are required.

Be Predictable
Look before you make a move. Riders and motorists expect you to ride in a straight line and at a consistent speed. Avoid sudden changes in speed or lane position. Scan behind and to the side before changing position.

Be Visible
Wear bright colors. Maine law requires cyclists to use lights in darkness, and lights are recommended in reduced visibility conditions.

Clearly communicate to other riders changes in speed or direction, road hazards, pedestrians and vehicles. Call out “car back,” “slowing,” or “stopping” as needed. Communicate calls throughout the group. Coordinate group turns and moves. Ear buds interfere with group communication and should not be used.

Choose Proper Lane Positioning
A rider is permitted to use the entire travel lane when setting up for a left turn, where hazards exist, or where it is unsafe for a car and bike to travel side by side with at least three feet of space between them. Maine law permits bikes to ride in the travel lane, as far right as is practicable. Never cross yellow center lines. Use paved shoulders when it is safe to do so.

Avoid Riding More Than Two Abreast
Ride single or double file as appropriate to the roadway and traffic conditions. While riding two abreast is not illegal in Maine, please exercise your rights with courtesy.

Don’t Pass on Right
Gather behind the last car in line at an intersections. Although Maine law permits a cyclist to pass cars on the right at an intersection, such behavior is discouraged in group rides as a courtesy to motorists.

Be Courteous at Intersections
Respect traffic signs and signals. At stop signs, consider moving as a single unit through intersections if all riders feel it is safe to do so. Slow and stop at yellow lights. Consider adopting a policy of stopping or slowing after intersections when the group is split.

Don’t Block Traffic at Regroups
Plan regroup points at locations away from intersections and move as far off the travel lane as possible when stopped and waiting.