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Welcome to the CCCP Rides page! We are a fun, friendly, and inclusive group, riding on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Each ride offers a variety of speed and challenge levels, with rally points along the way to regroup and socialize. Construction on Baxter Blvd has forced us to relocate our meetup spot; for the time being, we will be meeting at the Glickman Academy parking lot.

Our official ride season runs for 7 months from April 1st through October 31st. If the weather is favorable, we may start rides as early as March and continue through Thanksgiving. Please note that designated routes and distances may occasionally change due to road construction, weather, or remaining light. If you decide to drop out early, please tell a ride leader or another rider so that the group doesn’t wait for you at the next stop.

Ride Groups We offer multiple ride levels to satisfy a wide range of riders.

Elite: Our most aggressive group (20-22 mph) with surging on hills and sprinting; no specific regroups

Our traditionally fast group (19-21 mph) with fewer surges and sprints while still maintaining a quick pace; regroups periodically, encourages pace lines


Our moderately-paced group (17-19 mph) with greater emphasis on maintaining the group with a good pace; encourages pace lines, regroups periodically


Our most civilized group (14-16 mph) concentrating on maintaining the group at a comfortable pace for all. An excellent group for more relaxed riding, newer riders, older riders, and recovery. This is a no-drop ride.

Ride safety
is always paramount on all CCCP Rides. If it is your first time riding with us, be sure to read and follow Riding Safety and Etiquette and Group Ride Guidelines.


  • Helmets are required for all rides
  • Road bikes only, please: No fixed gear, time trial, or tri bikes. If your bike has aero bars attached, do not use them during group rides
  • No headphones
  • Front and rear lights are strongly recommended, especially on the shoulders of the season
  • Waiver: If you are not a club member, you must sign a CCCP Waiver and Release Form

For the most up-to-date information on weekly rides, Special Event Rides, time changes, social events, and last-minute, spur-of-the-moment rides, please join the CCCP E-Mail list.

For updates on the Saturday morning ride time and route (which changes weekly), check here.

For more information or questions about our club or Special Event rides, contact us.

See you on the road!