Riding Safety

CCCP strives to make all rides fun but, above all, they need to be safe for everyone; please respect other riders’ space and safety. Remember these keys:

    1. You are no longer an individual, you are part of a larger whole; how safely you ride affects the safety of the entire group.
    2. You’re the only one who sees everything when it’s your turn in front; therefore, you have the responsibility of making safety decisions for the entire group; ride accordingly.
    3. Smooth and Predictable riding is your goal, no matter where you are in the group.


  • Obey all traffic laws, and always keep a sharp eye on the traffic around you
  • Keep to the right as much as is practicable
  • Hold your line and don’t make sudden lane or speed changes while in the pack. If you need to pull out or move back into your lane, always look back and communicate your intentions
  • Watch the wheel in front of you to avoid overlapping
  • Keep an eye up the road for upcoming hazards
  • Ride single file unless pacelining (see Pacelines [skip to 1:24], Slipstreams, and Rolling Pacelines)
  • Call out “Car Back” when vehicles approach from behind
  • Indicate road hazards or impending changes, i.e., slowing, stopping, turning (with hand signal), Runner/Walker Up, Car Left, Car Right, Sand. Other riders in the group should then relay messages through the group.


  • Cross the yellow line: we don’t ride on closed courses, and this puts everyone at risk
  • Pass on high-speed descents
  • Fail to look behind you or signal before pulling out to pass
  • Ride more than two abreast

Remember, we are representing our club and the sport of cycling, so we should minimize on-the-road conflict by obeying all traffic laws, keeping to the right, and riding single or double file as much as possible.

We ALL must be PROACTIVE on a ride: safety is everyone’s responsibility.