Thursday Night Ride

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The Thursday Night Ride is both faster and longer than the MNR, logging about 38 miles.

The Monday ride leaves 15 Baxter Blvd at 6 pm from mid-May to late August and covers a rolling course at a moderate to moderate-quick pace, and features a climb of Dutton Hill at the apogee. As with Monday, there are several groups:

  • A+ group (22-24 mph)
  • A Group (20-22 mph)
  • B group (17-20 mph)

There are several stopping points for people to regroup in all ride levels so no one gets permanently dropped. If the ride is too fast, you can slow down and pick up the next group down. There is a range of rider speeds on Thursdays, from 16-24 mph, so there is almost always someone to ride with.


Richard Hutchins leads the A+ group: Email Richard
John Tabb leads the A group: Email John
Bron Nelson leads the B Group: Email Bron

Thursday Night Ride