Saturday Morning Ride

bikes by the lake
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The Saturday Morning Ride is an inclusive, moderately paced (16.5-18mph), longer than usual, no-drop ride. We’re not setting records, here—we’re just out to enjoy our bikes in the morning. Consider us the Sunday Drive of the weekly ride schedule.

We frequently start the season earlier and end later than other weekly rides, as we are not affected by the changing light. If it’s warm enough (at least 45°) to start up in February, we will.

The Saturday ride is great training for charity rides and an opportunity for veterans to add a recovery ride to their week while lending their group experience to newer riders. Routes purposely vary to introduce cyclists to the variety of roads in the greater Portland area, and maps will be published both on the CCCP blog site and our Facebook page.

We leave every Saturday at 8am from the Glickman Academy parking lot, but always check the blog or Facebook for changes in departure time and weather updates. Though there is just one group on Saturdays, we can usually provide a shorter option (20-30 miles) of the full loop if you need a shorter day.

We will have a Memorial Day Tune-up series starting April 23rd: rides will get longer and hillier through the 21st to prepare for the Memorial Day White Mountain Ride. If you’ve never done it before, you owe it to yourself, and this will help you get ready.

Be prepared: Since this ride is typically longer than the other weeklies, we ask that you carry two bottles of water or sports drink, a spare tube and flat repair tools, and snacks—we’re going to be gone for a while.

FMI e-mail bron at cyclemaine dot com